About Us

The Entity:

Death and Despair Comics is your destination for a newly imagined gamut of digital/print content, as well as their related merchandise, games, and so on....

The company is incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 (of India). The idea behind its genesis was to create a content platform that can:

1) Deliver the founder's own original content to a wide audience over internet

2) Attract other content creators to a new world of publishing, where they can innovate upon, and in turn supersede over, the contemporary way of publishing stories


CIN: U22300UP2020PTC133255

Representative: Mayank Singh, Director

Established: 24th August, 2020

Registered Address: 19/205, SATYAM, VASUNDHARA, GHAZIABAD, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, 201012

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The Founder:

Mayank is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management (IIM, Calcutta), a triple crowned (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS) B-School, ranked among top 50 globally.

Originally, a Mechanical Engineer, he has an extensive experience in Automobile Manufacturing and process optimization (using lean management methods), from a world class production facility.

For 4 years, he was a key member in the New Model Development's project team of award winning cars at Hyundai (‘IC OTY’- Indian Car of The Year: 2014, 15, 16); and was also engaged in sophisticated plant automation and Personnel up-skilling assignments, at the same time.

Furthermore, for another 2 years he was part of Indian ‘digital and experiential marketing’ space (in the video game industry), working at the most popular ‘Review & community forum’ in the country, 'gamingcentral.in'. There he worked with a vibrant team of young enthusiasts, who were behind several successful marketing campaigns at the time, such as ‘AMD Gamer Rebellion’ and ‘Sony Play Station Corporate League’.

From May 2018 till July 2020, he headed a dedicated Business Unit within TMI Group (One of the largest indigenous HR Management Consulting group in the country), focused towards creating a supply of highly talented Indians (such as graduates from IITs), for global markets (starting with Japan). He believes in innovation through technology, and thus, he also (simultaneously) lead the development of Augmented/Virtual reality offerings in the Content & Technology wing of TMI.

Eventually, he decided to take up an entrepreneurial route to find his long lost love for art, science, and metaphysics. Death and Despair Comics is his attempt at creating exciting stuff, for people who (perhaps) share the same love (as he does) for things like Manga, Comics, Anime, Video Games, and Action Figures....

Awards, Achievements & Recognition:

· Was among the 1st GET Batch created under the “Young Talent Pool” program, in the year 2011, by Hyundai's Senior Management.

· The only one, among his peers to have taken up Business/Training/Inspection visits to HMC (Parent Company) thrice in a short period of less than 3 years (testimony to the confidence people had in him to get high risk tasks completed without hitches).

· Was among the participants, specially chosen for the first time in the history of HMIL, from among new recruits (Employment period less than 3 years), who represented India at the HMC Corporate Citizenship Camp (in the year 2012).

· Won the “Best Core value practitioner” award in Hyundai 2013.

· Won the “Greatest contribution to campus life” award in IIM Calcutta.

· Was the youngest Business Unit Head & Responsibility Level 3 employee, in the whole group, in the time of his tenure at TMI.

A true Global Citizen, he has travelled to countries from Far West to Far East, and has a network that is even more diverse (includes professionals from US, South Korea, Japan, Europe, and Russia)....

Someone you would always be happy to see again, once you have interacted with him; be it an association germinating from a professional setting, an academic setting, or any other kind....

Has gained exposure to cutting edge technologies and engineering advancements, right from the beginning of his professional career; this includes experiences that involved sophisticated commissioning and teaching projects related to:

  • Electrostatic atomized solvent based paint deposition robots (6 and 7 axis)

  • 3D Vision System assisted Sealer and deadener coating robots

  • Electrostatic charge neutralization and dust removal feather wiping machines

Later, he continued expanding his Tech knowledge in DIY space and XR technologies (such as Raspberry Pi and Oculus HMDs), in his subsequent jobs